About us

About us

Melt-Ex dedicated staff have been greatly serving to Food Manufacturer & Producers, Confectionery Industry, Food Importers and Partners over 22 years of experience. The Company mainly supplying Palm Oil & Fats, Coconut Oil, Cooking Oil, Confectionery Fats, Cocoa Products, Food Ingredients, Glycerine, Vegetable Ghee, Vegetable-based animal feeds and other Confectionery Products & Ingredients to their customers.

Due to our vast experience in commodities, we always share the market information and knowledge to our valuable customers and advise them with the right product for their application in order them to get the best possible results. Melt-Ex also offers tailor-made confectionery fats to customers to meet their application and teach them how to use by providing a few recipe options as well.

Melt-Ex’s management and the dedicated team believes in long term relationships. We always would like to create friendly oriented and professionally managed business environment with our associates which always helps our customers to feel comfortable by asking questions about any business-related matter including market movement.

We as a -Melt-Ex Staff – indeed enjoy serving our customers happily advise them when to buy their needs to protect customers’ interest with the best possible market conditions.

Melt-Ex always supplies “High-Quality Oils & Fats and Food Products” to their customers. Our products always comply with the highest quality standards to meet the high expectations of customers. One of our company mottoes is “We would never sacrifice from the Quality which is the only tool that can keep us always successful” Melt-Ex Pte Ltd is Singapore based company and has business partners, associates and agents in various regions such as Europe, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, East and West Africa, the Middle East and the USA.

The goods which we supply to our valuable customer are freshly produced Oils & Fats under our registered MELTY brand. We always arrange the shipment with most reputable refineries who are our long-term business partners over 20 years in this business based in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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